Bruno Thevenin, a trances Spanish photojournalist based in Madrid. After completing his training in photography and journalism, he started working for international media in various conflict zones around the world. Over the years he has focused on documenting political and social conflicts, publishing in various national and international media.

From the uprising of the native tribes in North Dakota (USA), through the occupied territories in the West Bank (Middle East), the Saharawi camps, the migration routes in the Balkans and the Mediterranean Sea, and the recent conflict in Ukraine.

Most of his work is focused on Palestine, where he has been traveling since 2017, documenting the increasing violence and insecurity in the region.

His work has been exhibited in several cities around the world and has been recognized by international competitions.

It can be seen on his website or Instagram

Phone:+34 675 19 22 76

Bruno Thevenin / Journalist

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